Tina Petty | Bloome

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Tine Petty from Bloome
I met Tina Petty from Bloome when she asked for some new images for her Website.
She asked for natural and relaxed images that showed her friendly and warm personality.

ina is a Colour Consultant – See her Facebook page below

Finding those special colours that are perfect for your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour is the key to looking and feeling fabulous! At Bloome I help you identify a personalised palette of colours that will make you feel amazingly confident. This will make shopping so much easier and structured – no more wandering round the shops aimlessly! It will also save you from shopping disasters and ultimately have a wardrobe that will work well together enabling you to mix and match items with the confidence that they are all within the same tone.
You will walk away with knowledge that will be of use to you for the rest of your life!
The loveable Chocolate Labrador called Stanley.

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