why do i need professional photographs ?


We live in a very visual world.

Photographs are used for Websites, Social media & for Printable matter.

Most people either do not take any images or take them on their mobile phones.

Having Images that showcase you and your business to their best advantage is something that is a must for any independent small business.

It tells the story of who you are and what you do!


The face of the company


Business Branding Photography is about showing the outside world

who you are and what you are about.

So I will take images of yourself.

These can be used for local & social media.

Its great to add these to your website so people know who they are engaging and using the service of.


what is it that you do?


It is great to get shots of you do what you do best.

A customer or client is put more at ease using you if they see you at work.

These are known as action shots.

You working away doing your thing.


What service do you provide?


Showing Customers and clients what service you provide.

Linking the images to what you do.

Letting people know how you can help them and how good your service is.

Images that speak for you.




It is so important that your products are show in their full glory.

They are after all what you are passionate about and what you want to shout about to the world!

Without question they need to shine and good photography can help do that.


My service


I offer a very relaxed and informal service where I talk to you about what it is you are passionate about and what it is you want to say.

I then take a look at what it is and chat to you about what I think will look good and what I can do to capture the essence of your business.

I can take images of all the above mentioned, products & services, action shots of you at work and your environment at work.

Help others see the whole picture.

All images can be used on any media platform.

I also can help with social media campaigns if this is something you do not have time for or find daunting.