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In August 2011, my husband and I took my son Liam and his girlfriend Lauren for a week in the sun at the beautiful village of Nerja on Spain’s Costa del Sol. It was a week of warm sunshine, wonderful seafood and wine, and the joy of exploring Nerja’s magnificent beaches and caves.

What I enjoyed most though, was taking Liam and Lauren back down to the beach before sunset, to take photographs. The fading light of the early evening combined with the textures of the sea, sand and sky, and the backdrop of the rocks and cliffs, provided fantastic photographic opportunities. The beach was quiet at that time of day, and this helped Liam and Lauren to relax, pose and ‘express themselves’ without feeling self-conscious. I believe that this was reflected in the images I was able to capture.

We are going back to Nerja again for more sun, sea and snaps, so watch this space!

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