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Mr & Mrs Simmons

Phil & Alison now officially known as Mr & Mrs Simmons were married at a very intimate wedding ceremony in Clitheroe and then held a very glamorous reception at the stunning Mitton Hall.
Guests arrived by a double decker bus in high spirits and were greeted with a glass of pink champagne, while listening to a Violin-Cello duo.


Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2694

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2695

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2696

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2697

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2698

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2699

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2700

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2701

Sharon Harrison Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2707

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2702

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe_wedding_2703

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_Mitton_hall_Clitheroe-wedding_2706

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_mitton_hall_clitheroe-wedding_2708

Sharon_ Harrison_ Photography_mitton_hall_clitheroe-wedding_2704

Sharon_Harrison_ Photography_mitton_hall_clitheroe_wedding_2705

Its always an honor to be part of a couples special day and especially Phil & Alison’s who made our job as photographers so easy.Thank you for letting us capture your Wedding day at Mitton Hall x


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