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Best friends

Vicky and Traci first met at play-school, then at Brownies and then again at school. They became specially-good friends when they were about seven and started playing out together; roller skating, cycling and taking their pet rabbits out for walks. They have been firm friends ever since.

Many years later, by coincidence, they found that they were each expecting their first child at about the same time and their friendship was strengthened even further when they were able to spend time during of their maternity leaves exchanging views, discovering what they had let themselves in for and trying to find out what they were supposed to do in preparation for their new arrivals.

Enter Eve and Holly, now almost 8 and 8, who have been brought up together since they were born and have a great friendship which is set to last as long as their mothers’ has.

Eve’s sister Daisy, now three, arrived a few years later and Holly’s sister Anna, now two, closely followed. As you can see, Daisy and Anna are becoming good friends too.

This shoot was an absolute pleasure. The girls are beautiful inside and out, and they laugh and joke all the time. They were great fun and a total joy to work with. My personal favourite shot is the one of Anna, who had decided that she had had enough of her fairy skirt and she would go without it.

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