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Beltingham at Christmas

Our Christmas Eve 2011 was extra special. My husband and I were invited by friends to spend a night at Beltingham House near Haydon Bridge in beautiful Northumberland.

Much time had been spent preparing the house for our visit. The rooms had been exquisitely decorated with really tasteful Christmassy touches. The food too was wonderful, and whilst everyone else gathered around the warmth of the roaring open log fires with their glasses of wine, I took myself off with my camera and seized the opportunity to take snaps of this wonderful property, both inside and out, including the dining table and the many every nooks and crannies.

The Queen mother used to be a regular visitor to Beltingham House, particularly in her youth. The house has a feeling of grandeur, and a sense of history and the passage of time. It was a real honour to spend time there and a thrill for me to be able to capture images of Christmas 2011 for posterity. Thank you Andrew!

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