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This shoot was taken on Hexham’s green and pleasant land. The country side is so
wonderful, full of vivid colours,especially after a downpour!
Amy – who’s favourite thing in all the world is to be outside in the rain- had a lot of fun and after the downpour’s she sat in the window seat’s of Beltingham House waiting for the rain to stop.
Here is Amy’s adventure in the woods and fields of Hexham.

Another of Amy’s most favourite thing’s … Horses.

The walled garden is on our way home,so we take a peek!.

On our way home we stop for a rest.

It’s raining,better get home!.

Short cut!.

Now home,hidden away from the rain.

Tomorrow’s another day and another chance to get out into the country side,weather permitting.
Finger’s crossed.

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Tracy h - 19 August 2012, 21:36


How Much Do You Love This.....

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