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My approach to portrait photography sessions with children is that they should be playing, smiling, generally having fun and essentially unaware that they are being snapped. I therefore try to arrange for the shoot to be in a relaxed and informal environment, such as in these images of Alex, aged four, where the backdrop was Naylor’s Walk near Warley.

My philosophy is that if the child in a good frame of mind, having fun and happy, the photos taken during the session will reflect this and capture the child’s true nature, making it easier for me to achieve my prime objective, which is to take as many high quality images as possible whilst allowing the child to have a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Alex really enjoyed feeding carrot’s to the horses, splashing about in the stream, climbing the gates and walls, and picking dandelions – and it kept him entertained whilst I took my photos of him – although as you can see, by the end he was ready for home!

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